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Lighting planning with

Dialux / Relux

The lighting proposal created by us is a combination of a precise needs analysis and many years of practical experience in the light object sector.

We determine the number of luminaires for each area and suggest a positioning of the light points, taking into account the technical connections and room elements.

Upon request, you can receive a 2D or 3D plan based on the current requirements of DIN-EN 12464-1 or ASR A3.4

If DWG plans or PDF plans exist, we can take them into account in our lighting planning and reproduce the dimensions of the rooms exactly by transferring them to our light calculation software (DIALUX | Relux).

In the end, you will receive a solution that is contemporary, sustainable and perfectly tailored to your investment amount for your property.

We offer this service for commercial and industrial properties.

Even the smallest light has its own atmosphere.

Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach (1830-1916)

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