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For specialist dealers, electrical trades, wholesalers, planning offices, architects and engineers, and we offer comprehensive property advice for the customer-oriented use of LED lighting.

Let yourself be inspired by innovative technology in connection with lighting requirements perfectly matched to your needs.

From a very wide range of LED products, we can offer you the perfect solution. Almost all areas of application are covered by our products:

Outdoor and indoor lighting, parking lot or street lighting, hotel and restaurants, commercial and industrial lighting, sports halls, schools, public institutions, offices, healthcare, wellness, etc.

Strip lights, LED strips, Smart Home and all the modules you want can be offered and delivered promptly.

A large number of luminaire manufacturers benefit from the existing network of our professional representation and the external contacts that we have built up for decades.

We are personally there for you and your concerns and offer competent support.

Our sales agency represents the following manufacturers in particular and takes on customer contacts, field service visits, advisory tasks and other services for them. This service is free of charge for customers.

LED trunking systems,

Technical lights, wall, ceiling, pendant and floor lamps

Made in Germany


High quality LED lamps and LED lights for private and commercial use.

Innovative lighting solutions for demanding tasks.

A subsidiary of Regiolux GmbH


NordNordWest , map parcel centers Deutsche Post AG , zip code area industrial representation Jörg Wenderoth by Jana Wenderoth, CC BY-SA 3.0

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